About hearthstone heroes of warcraft

Hearthstone is the most popular card game in the world. It was created by well-known firm "Blizzard". Original name indicates that the game is combined with another work of Blizzard, namely Warcraft III.
Blizzard is a company that creates stories of computer games. They have already a lot legandarnych titles.
Certainly every player knows Warcraft III or Word of Warcraft, which was created on its basis. The company also contributed to the development of e-sports. Playing Starcraft introduced e-sport to a higher level. This game created a new field of competition in the online games. Last legendary title does not need to be present, of course it's Diablo.
After a short introduction we know that the company is great in game development. So Hearthstone has the bar raised very high. 
What i love the most in Hearthstone? Gameplay is accompanied by an incredible musician known from Warcraft III or World of Warcraft.

Hearthstrone is free to play online card game and to be honest it's the best card game that i have ever play. Game is a turn based card game between two opponents. First of all You need to choose Your hero with powerful powers. Then You need to build deck of card that you will use in game.

Each class of hero have unique abillites and can make unique for class deck of cards. When you choose a hero and deck then you can go into real game. 
In game players use points (mana points) to summon minions or cast hero spells to attack oponent. You have to reduce opponent health points to zero before he do it to You.
Winning matches can earn You gold or other revards like new cards to Your deck. Of course you can use micro payment system to buy gold or packs but if You read my guide then it's not necessarily.
Game features couple modes of play. You can play casual game, ranked matches and arena. Each mode have unique revards.