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In which a face-lift is required, the quickest way is certainly to provide your wall space with a coat of paint and, as extended as the walls are well-prepared beforehand, this could give you a professional finish and completely change the glance in the room. Most paints nowadays are low-odor and most are non-drip. Even so, you should at all times paint the ceiling initially and ensure you have lots of fresh air wafting through the room to get rid of any kind of toxic fumes which may not debilitate, but will be never very pleasant. Now there are many different paints available today, from textured to matte or sheen. Nevertheless, you may have the opportunity when painting fresh, to bring in a little sustainability in your decorating and work with environmentally acceptable wall finishes. There are quite a selection of eco-materials upon the market now, pretty much all non-toxic, which look quite effective on the wall surfaces. There are a array of eco-friendly wall decorating guidelines to choose from, including recycled glass and plastics and a range of ceramics, besides the more obvious alternatives of paint or wallpapers.

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